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Atherosclerosis – Curing CVD Part 1 Living to 120 and Beyond


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Jeff Harrison: Today I want to talk about treatment. Treatment, because that’s something that I know you are steadfast on. You’re not into controlling are you?


Dr. Chein: No.


Jeff Harrison: You’re into …


Dr. Chein: No. Treatment. Cure.


Jeff Harrison: Curing.


Dr. Chein: C-U-R-E. What does it mean? It means at some point if I bring my lawyer with me, doctor, if I understand you correctly, you’re going to put me on this A,B,C drug, or maybe A,B,C,D,E,F,G, when can I stop taking these? When can I stop taking these, and when will my disease be considered cured? If you can’t cure it, tell me right now. My lawyer’s sitting right here. I go to another doctor who can cure me, and who is willing to sign a contract with my attorney X number of years. I will tell that doctor one day after that X number of years I will sue you. If I die, my attorney will sue you.


Jeff Harrison: Because we’re not controlling it, we’re curing it.


Dr. Chein: We’re curing it.


Jeff Harrison: Okay.


Dr. Chein: Contract. It’s a contract.


Jeff Harrison: Okay.


Dr. Chein: Problem with patients they are afraid of having contract with doctors.


Jeff Harrison: Dr. Chein, you have my attention now. I’m leaning in because you’re talking about curing. Share with us how are we going to cure, how are you going to cure, atherosclerosis?


Dr. Chein: First thing I usually do is see the drugs that they on. What are they on? What pharmaceuticals, chemicals, are they on? My first job is to monitor the function of the heart. For example, I want that coronary CAT scan. I want that documentation of CVD. I want that vascular resistance test, if not, I will do one. I want the ultrasound.


Now we’re talking about the people who have the CVD. They must have an ultrasound of carotid, and I want to see that percent of blockage. That’s my baseline. Then I will say I, my job is go home and Google your drugs. Do you like those side effects? You like it? Continue. If you don’t like it, then we’re going to get you off one by one. Get one on one without measuring your blood pressure, measuring all the cholesterol, as we get off one by one scientifically.


I also have to have the patient’s confidence. I can’t say. “Oh, I don’t like chemicals. Stop today. After today, here, stop all of your drugs.” No. That’s reckless, and in fact it causes anxiety of a patient.


Jeff Harrison: Frightening.


Dr. Chein: Frightening. I been on all these things and somebody’s taking it away. They go into a state of anxiety. No I don’t want to do that. Also it’s not scientific neither, because what basis? Pure trust, pure faith? I have to go off all these things? I follow that doctor for last ten years and I’m alive. I listen to you, and you throw away all my crutches.


I usually take them off one by one, showing them that the cholesterol is good, the heart function is good, the blood pressure didn’t change. My first job is to take away their chemicals. At the same time I maximize their nutrition and hormones. I check all their hormones which we talked about earlier and the causes. Why does a 70 year old person get more incidences of CVD than 50 year old. More older. What is making them older? What? Lower hormones, right?


I check their hormones and optimize them. Thyroid, testosterone, growth hormone, adrenal hormone, these are the main hormones that I must check to make sure they are not deficient. During the period I am taking off one, one chemical, I’m maximizing them.


Then I go into the nutrition. How do they eat? At McDonald every day? I don’t have a wife now, I just go to McDonalds stop by, eat at McDonalds. No. It’s all cooked, the nutrients already done, cooked, gone, so you’re eating junk, so basically I need to give you all the nutrition that needs to heal the heart. They are specific nutrients that you need. I will then put them on a nutritional course, make sure that they are going back to our paleo days.


You’ve hear a lot of paleo these days. Paleo is stone age. We’re going to stone age where we eat everything fresh from the ground. Uncooked, undestroyed. In fact paleo is before grain days. That’s even before we even eat grain as a source of food. Certainly muffins are gone. Certainly bread is gone. Pasta’s gone, because that’s post paleo. I would get them into more fruits, more eating the right diet, and I will supplement them with a multiple vitamin, amino acids, essential fatty acids, all the ingredients that the body needs to repair the heart.


Jeff Harrison: Not pharmaceuticals, but supplements.


Dr. Chein: The supplements. The nutrition.


Jeff Harrison: We’re not getting the nutrition we need 100% from our food even if we’re eating raw, out-of-the-ground vegetables.


Dr. Chein: Exactly. Take one example, sugar. The fruit in the tree gives, makes a lot of sugar and everything to make it tasty, so we go back and eat it, and eat it, eat it with just [inaudible 00:05:53] food, which makes money.


Jeff Harrison: It’s addictive.


Dr. Chein: Addictive. People like sweets, so basically it’s my job to make sure that they are low on sugar. People with CVD, I tell them. Anything, you look at the sugar content, you see it high, don’t eat it no matter how good it is. Sugar increases cholesterol, increases the atherosclerotic plaques. I start with nutrition, I start with hormones, I make them normal, make them healthy.


Jeff Harrison: Can I ask you a question here for a second? You talk about it, and maybe if people have just joined us on this episode, they are not aware of that as we get older what happens to our hormone levels. If you could just give a real quick overview of that so that makes sense to our viewers.


Dr. Chein: I see. Nature want us to die. We know that. We will eventually die. How does nature do that to us? By decreasing our hormones gradually, and shorten our [inaudible 00:06:59]. We know today the mechanism of death. We know how we are going to die, or how we are going to reach that stage. Nature takes the hormones away gradually. It’s not natural.


Jeff Harrison: Even if I’m 70 and I’m taking great care of myself, my hormone levels have dropped.


Dr. Chein: Yes. Nature’s intent is to give you low and eventually go away hopefully at 78, the American estimated life expectancy of the male is 78; 88 for the female.


Jeff Harrison: You’re going to bring those levels back up.


Dr. Chein: We are bringing all of those levels up which doctors don’t check even. Bring the levels up, we work against nature’s intent. We make them healthy again. Those hormones basically are emails. We send, you see kids using these, 20-30 texts and emails all day long. You look at a 50 year old, barely gets off the phone and does this, and you see a 70 year old, he doesn’t even answer his phone. Right? That’s email. That is hormone. What is hormone? Hormone is the email between the brain and the organs, and they talk to each other just like a little kid. When they 20 they do all this. All your organs are doing all that texting to all the other organs telling them what to do.


Jeff Harrison: Keeping those cells younger?


Dr. Chein: Younger. Optimum. Yes. Yes. When they are getting old they don’t do, send the hormones anymore. They don’t send the emails and texts anymore. I come in, I restore the email. I restore the texts. I restore the fax, number of faxes. Same thing with the corporation. The corporation, each department doesn’t talk to each other. I am not  an MBA, but if I were, the first thing I go into a corporation was see why their financials are going down, not succeeding, is look at their communication between the sales and executive, between production. Are they talking? Are they communicating? Are the numbers jiving? See? That’s communication. What is a hormone? In the body it’s called hormone, in the corporate office it’s email or faxes, or letters.


Basically one must check to cure, now we’re talking about you have the baby, I’m going to cure you, we must optimize hormones. Make them 20 again. As far as nature is concerned. Not through drugs, because nature has a way of curing us through nutrition and hormones.


Jeff Harrison: The healthier the hormone levels are …


Dr. Chein: The more they will cure. Why? They want you to make a baby. We are deceiving the higher power now. If you allow me to say that word. We are fooling the higher power. Hey, I’m only 20 year old, wait a minute. I don’t make a baby yet. I haven’t had a baby yet, leave me alone. I cannot have CVD. Make sense?


Jeff Harrison: Absolutely.


Dr. Chein: Your organs get a message, oh my god our boss is 20 year old. Nature says there’s ten babies or whatever. Hey, wake up. That’s being optimal shape.


Jeff Harrison: That makes sense now why the hormone levels, you will go right in there and start looking at the hormone levels.


Dr. Chein: Yes. The power of healing is nutrients and hormones. Without any chemicals.