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tOTAL Hormone Replacement Therapy

10,000+ patients have benefited from Dr. Chein's treatments

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Dr. Chein utilizes his own, patented, scientific methods.

Palm Springs Life Extension Institute is the only clinic in the country that owns a U.S. Patent for growth hormone and other bio-identical hormone replacements. It is the only clinic that offers a cash reward of $25,000 to the public for non-patients who can show a difference of greater than 27 years between the person’s biological age and calendar age. Many of its patients, including the founder, Dr. Edmund Chein, M.D. have accomplished this miraculous feat.

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Dr. Xu is on a mission to transform and optimize your health, quality of life and well-being!

So many people I know have accepted and choose to cope with not feeling well by taking medications to mask the symptoms. The problem is, not every ailment will scream to you in discomfort. Many are quieter changes that have taken place over months and years. It is and certainly can be a daunting task to take your health into your own hands with little training. That’s where I come in.

U.S. Patent 5,855,920

Total Hormone Replacement Therapy

U.S. Patent 6,187,750

Method of Hormone treatment for patients with symptoms consistent with Multiple Sclerosis

U.S. Patent 6,562,790
Hormone Therapy Methods and Hormone Products for Abating Coronary Artery Blockage

Bioidentical hormones support your stem cells in regeneration and rejuvenation.

Did you know that fitness, diet, exercise and caloric restriction are simply not enough for longevity?

While the total hormone supplementation/replacement therapy program has been demonstrated to reverse biological age of up to 27 years, ALL of those so-called fitness gurus did not even attain the age of 100. Most did not even reach the age of 80, and some died in their 50s and 60s.

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