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Patient Testimonials

Clare B.

I suffered from Interstitial Cystitis for many years and never found a doctor who could give me any relief from the pain. Dr Chein began treating me with his Human Growth Hormone Therapy and within months I was completely free from pain.


Dr. Chein Reviews

W.Y., Arcadia, CA

Joined Dr. Chein’ s Life Extension treatment for little over four years now, I was amazed for the result, I discovered that I have more energy and healthy since I joined Dr. Chein’ s program in year 2015.

In addition, I have my Telomere DNA test in July 2017, the result shown I was 17 years younger than my actual age Thanks Dr. Chein.


Mary P.

I love how thorough he is. So far all of my symptoms have cleared up! I completely changed my diet & detoxed my body. Did a 21 day liquid fast & then 14 days of water fasting. I turned 50 this year and I feel really good. Thanks to Dr. Chein.


Curtis W.

With little hope of cure for my wife’s Alzheimer’s I turned to Dr Chein. His program of identifying underlying causes and treating those conditions along with administering human growth hormones, other hormones and lots of supplements seemed to make sense to me.

We enrolled in his program about 7 months ago. He found she had gluten sensitivity; high levels of aluminum and lead; some amebic parasite; lip sores; low functioning thyroid and working with our primary physician and dentist we found she also has sleep apnea; microscopic colitis and gingivitis.

All of these conditions have either been treated or being dealt with now. I now have more hope that the human growth hormones have a chance of growing some new brain cells while she sleeps. My poor sweet wife really had the cards stacked against her but with Dr Chein’s help we at least have some hope.


Margie A. Tingley

Dr. Chein has been my physician for at least 20 years. He is truly an amazing person as well as an outstanding physician. I attribute my health and well being to his medical care.

I am 80 years of age and have been the victim of many car accidents and have had multiple surgeries on my spine but since being introduced to the care of Dr. Chein I am able to live an active life. I highly recommend Dr. Chein and his staff to anyone that wants to stay feeling and looking young. Thank You Dr. Chein.


Allison Drew

Dr. Chein is the best!!! I had a skin problem that no dermatologist or allergist could solve. One dermatologist wanted me to permanently stay on antibiotics! Dr. Chein cured my condition with probiotics.

He gave me a safe, natural way to deal with my problem and he told me what foods to stay away from. He also told me about this hand held device to prevent aging. I use it each week and my skin has a natural, youthful glow. It makes me look younger for sure. I also have a severe problem with anxiety and Dr. Chein has me on amino acids.

I feel so much better and I’m weaning myself off of all my psych meds. Dr. Chein is up on the latest treatments. He is always one step ahead of the other doctors I’ve seen. If you are struggling with a medical problem and no one can help you, Dr. Chein should be your next stop. I can’t say enough great things about him!!!!


Kim L.

I am a 60 yr old, restaurant owner, previously above average exercise-wise person, until two total knee replacements removed me from my daily routine as an avid runner, light weight lifting and martial arts believer. I started reading up on how I have seemed to lose everything including initiative all at the same time. Testosterone was where I started my search. I was below the minimum level expected in the group I was compared with.

In other words, numerically, I was 243 out of a scale of 250 – 1000 dcl / million, I think was the benchmark and language used to describe my readings. I eventually found a local endocrinology clinic to take me on as a new patient. We got an adjusted dosage of testosterone and I started to feel better. But, as is my nature I started to continue trying to understand what happens to us as we age. I found out that there was much more at work here than just testosterone deficiency. I started to read about HGH, the pros and cons and found a lot of support for both of the schools of thought.

I decided to communicate with the professionals in this field and of course went to the people not following the leaders on the cutting edge rather leading the field with patented work and study supported theories and applications in clinical settings. That is how I found the Life Extension group and it’s founder Dr. Chein. He believes there is much more at work , on a glandular level than testosterone. Usage his knowledge he provides a regimen of vitamins, HGH and other related to help regenerate our cells as they implode and die. I truly am living a new life, working out as often as I like and achieving good results.

Lastly, the support staff is always where the truth is told in any office, and they have been nothing less than superior to any I have dealt with over the years as medical offices go. They are checking with me monthly asking for general condition and any shortcomings that need to be addressed. Liz, the patient relations contact has overseen all of the interactive contact I have had with Korrie, Julia and the rest of the staff. Nothing has been missed and most anticipated as my benefit goes. The experience has been phenomenal. Thank you to Dr. Chein who in my opinion has been a life saver for me.


William M., Tulsa, OK

I was one of Dr. Chein’s first patients, having started the Total Hormone Replacement Therapy (THRT) program in 1994. Getting on THRT was the best single thing I have ever done for my health and longevity. Today, I am 79, have the musculature of a fit 45 year old (with less than an hour a week of exercise), and have a beautiful bride of 17 years that is 30 years younger, which would never have happened without THRT.


Rosario Z., Misenheimer, NC

I had a hysteroscopy test last May 25, 2017 a procedure done with sedation and a small camera inserted to explore my endometrial because they suspected i had a big nodule which show in the ecography they thought i had too many years of Complete hormonal therapy.

I started in October of 1999 (18 years ago) with Dr. Edmund Chein in Palm Springs life extension institute due to lack of energy and all sorts of pain. My doctors and i would like to congratulate D Chein for the great results they discovered and marveled at the beautiful endometrial young and healthy like a pearl. The walls are clean and thickness perfect like a 30 year old. I am 67 years old and i feel young with no wrinkles and no pain whatsoever and i thank God and this therapy has done wonders for me.

Even though my sister died of ductile breast cancer 20 years ago i had complete confidence in this therapy because i felt like a million dollars!!! I hope I can help other women in their quest for youth and energy to be able to continue without depressions good libido and enthusiasm for life.


Alan Eberlein

I had a rash that began around my ankles, then covered my lower legs, then around my rib cage and all over my back. Conventional medicine treated it with a topical cream and watched it get worse. Along with this condition came numerous food allergies. Dr. Chein diagnosed my problem and prescribed a regimen that completely eliminated both the rash and the food allergies. I can now eat anything. I do not know where I would have been without Dr. Chein. He has my sincere thanks.


Samaya Ryon, OTR/L

Dr. Chein has saved my life with Hormone Replacement Therapy. I started HRT 8/30/07 and my life has changed forever. I am now 61 years old and I work full time as a Pediatric Occupational Therapist, working with students with special needs in the New York City school system. I am never sick which is a good thing as I do not have medical insurance. I only go for my mandatory physicals for work and I pay out of pocket for them. I do not have a doctor here in New York City and I do not need a doctor because of Dr. Chein`s  CUTTING EDGE HRT THERAPY!!!

I see people on the subway in NYC and I know Dr. Chein could help them. He is an exceptional person with vision and dedication. If you do not feel well and think that maybe your hormones are involved, I STRONGLY recommend seeking a consultation with Dr. Chein no matter what it costs.

You will be so grateful for the opportunity to live your life as you get older with dignity and good health. The Palm Springs Life Extension Institute is where you will be seen with professional and caring people who will support you through whatever you need. I can truly say that this has been a life saving service for me. Sincerely.


Clare B.

I suffered from Interstitial Cystitis for many years and never found a doctor who could give me any relief from the pain. Dr Chein began treating me with his Human Growth Hormone Therapy and within months I was completely free from pain.


Henry F.

I’ve been a patient at the Palm Springs clinic for a year now. The biological changes I’ve been experiencing in my body has been stupendous. However, this was not the case a year back. When I reached 50, I felt as well as looked more than 60. Even the age related complications have started showing. I have heard a lot about Dr. Edmund and his therapy for hormone replacement at the Palm Springs. I went for it and since then i have not stopped feeling better and healthier.


George P., Huntington Beach, CA

In 1994, at my age of 62. I was retired living at the famous PGA West Resort in La Quinta, Ca. My wife said to me lets go out by the golf course and run in the grass. I went approximately 20 yards and stopped in my tracks. I could not move any more for I did not even have the energy to walk. I could not even lift a 20 pound weight. I was referred to Dr. Edmund Chein in Palm Springs, California.

Dr. Chein’s office it was very neat and clean. His Palm Springs Life Extension Institute is approximately 4 blocks from the Palm Springs Airport.

After arriving at his office, the staff spent about an hour doing my vital signs, various tests such as biological age test, body composition test and the cardiovascular dynamics test that were all free. Dr. Chein spent about 3 hours with me in this initial consultation to explain to me what is wrong with my hormone levels and how to follow his treatment protocol.

He put me on bio-identical growth hormone, testosterone, melatonin, thyroid hormone, DHEA adrenal hormone, Pregnenolone brain hormone (based on my blood test levels), and nutritional supplements such as multiple vitamins/minerals, amino-acids, and essential fatty acids.

Now after 20 years of being with Dr. Chein, I am at my correct weight. I am healthy enough that I can take my beach cruiser bike to the boardwalk and often ride 25 miles a day, sometimes even more on weekends.

The people I have met on the trails are shocked at my chronological age of 83 versus what I can do on the bike trails. I can do my workouts and riding programs that most 40 or 50 year old men cannot do. My health is better than it was when I was age 40. This has all been accomplished under the direction of Dr. Chein by rejuvenation of my body systems to bring my biological age back to a much younger healthier adult male.


Dick, M.

Some 15 years ago as I was approaching my 60th year, I became conscious of a growing anxiety within me about maintaining my quality of life, which primarily consisted of tennis and the customary ambitions of a single guy.

Those 15 years are now history and I look forward to another 15 years or more accompanied by my beautiful wife and a hot tennis racket all thanks to my experience as a client of Life Extension Institute.

Dr. Chein and his staff have attended me well. They are cordial and professional, always looking out for my best health interests.

In addition to HGH, Dr. Chein identified and corrected my underactive thyroid and monitored my chemistry insofar as other aspects of aging and drive we’re concerned. In addition, to taking my meds, I carefully watch my weight and exercise almost daily.

I am a regular patient of LEI and hope to be so for a long, long time.


Kathy, Newport Beach, CA

Prior to those years before I became Dr. Chein’s patient, I was resigned to unproductive encounters with mainstream doctors who told me I was getting older and that this is the way it would be for me as I aged. So learn to live with inherited arthritis, high cholesterol and heart problems that they would treat with drugs to mask the pain and symptoms.

I became Dr. Chein’s patient at age 47 after I learned about Dr. Edmund Chein’s medical discoveries in longevity and anti-aging procedures. He was granted the only U.S. patent in medicine, which stated that his method could eliminate age-related diseases and prolong life expectancy. He is the first doctor in the U.S. to use Growth Hormone on adults clinically and to advocate balance of all bio-identical hormones through supplementation to lengthen the telomere portion of your DNA ( which lengthens one’s life span)

When I have a medical question, Dr. Chein calls me at home or e-mails me, even if he is out of the country.

Now 19 years later at age 66, I have more energy, muscle strength, stamina and strong immunity with decreased cholesterol and body fat than I did when I was in my 30s.

My heart is as strong as it can be as I easily out distance and out perform most people in their 20s.

I feel great with a positive mental attitude and a zest for living.

Dr Chein improved the quality of my life.

I am fortunate and blessed to be a patient of Dr. Edmund Chein.


Becky G

My daughter-in-law was diagnosed with ulcerative pan colitis during her college years. At age 28 her flares up were out of control. She visited several GI specialists, all who had no solution but prednisone. She had been on prednisone for a year, even through a pregnancy and was getting worse. I told her about Dr. Chein and his philosophy of figuring out what the body needs, so it can heal it’s self. She was willing to try.

Dr. Chein found that she was extremely mal-nutritioned, she had parasites in her colon, and had become very allergic to many foods causing extreme inflammation. She started Dr. Chein’s program in March of 2014 of removing certain foods from her diet, supplementing the nutrients she was lacking, and by June 2014 she has been completely off prednisone for 8 weeks with no flare-ups. She feels better than ever and can recognize her body healing it’s self. What a wonderful answer to prayer this has been!!! Thank you Dr. Chein!


Dwight Steward

To Staff at Palm Springs Life Extension & Skin Rejuvenation, I would like to thank you for your kindness and hospitality during my stay at Palm Springs CA during the week of March 28 – April 1, 2016. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness and professionalism during my appointment. Everyone treated us with great respect and I really appreciate that. We were blown away with your knowledge of all the supplements and other therapies provided at your office.

Korrie, thank you for the tour of the facilities. I was thinking it was much bigger than what I saw, but everything was very beautiful. I bet you all are so pleased to work at such a wonderful place.

I just can’t thank you all enough for making my trip more pleasant in spite of all the bad things Dr Chein told me about my health, which I will improve on thanks to his treatments.


Twila M.

I found Dr. Chein to be very knowledgeable and personable. He answered every question with expertise and showed his amazing understanding of how the human body functions. I enjoyed our visit very much!


Patrick C.

Dr. Chein was truly one in a million. He devoted hours with me and truly cares. I recommend his treatment and his team is caring, efficient and very courteous from beginning to end.


Dr. Xu Reviews

Gor Chailyan

Extremely helpful and a good specialist in this area. Helped me to recover quickly after intoxication and pancreatic consequences and worked perfectly on my diet according to my pancreas problems. Has deep knowledge in Endocrinology and Pathology. Would definitely recommend her.


Ray McGaugh

I began being treated for chronic joint pain in my fingers, wrist, elbows and knees. Dr. Xu ordered up blood and stool test in an effort to determine why my body had so much inflammation daily. Once she got my test results she put me on a daily routine of vitamins and supplements.

Incredibly after 4 Weeks my symptoms started to lessen and now after about 10 weeks of taking the recipe she perscrined I am all but done with the daily pain I have endured for years. Conventional Arthritis Dr.’s did not ever scratch the surface of getting my health back. I now have an incredible quality of life that I have not had for years.

Thank you so much Dr. Xu for caring enough to figure out why I had so much body inflammation and more importantly give me my life back. Every day now is a great one. I can hike, bike and do the things I enjoy doing.


Philip Watkins

Great and knowledgeable practitioner, very likely to recommend!


Yan Aliceyan

Dr. Xu is very professional and patient and experienced. Natural remedies are effective for adults and children, and are safe and healthy. Worth a try!


Allison D., Studio City, CA

So I went back to Palm Springs Life Extension to get a PRP facial by Dr. Monica. It’s also known as the vampire facial. She was excellent. I have a high-intensity makeup mirror in my bathroom and I would get depressed looking at all the little scars I’ve accumulated over my almost 60 years. After three weeks, these scars have gone away! My skin looks amazing! Dr. Monica is so nice. She walked me through the process and explained everything. The procedure is supposed to keep showing improvements for weeks. I’m so lucky to have stumbled on Dr. Chein’s oasis!


Robert T. Reyes, CA

After Suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure for 10 years, I was having problems with arousing and stimulating foreplay, and coitus was becoming more and more difficult. The use of Viagra and Cialis was minimal effective during this time period. After seeing GAINSWave commercial on TV my wife and I decided that I should give it a try. After several weeks of treatments and also starting the testosterone therapy, we noticed a dramatic increase in stimulation, arousal, and firmness and more complete and effective ejaculation response. At this time my wife and I are very happy with the results and we look forward to a satisfying continuation of our married life.


Chris Y., Indio, CA

I am approaching 60 years old and as we know at that age 60% of men can experience E.D.I also am a two-time cancer survivor in which I have both testicles removed and through the years have done some damage in that area as well and have some Peyronie’s disease. So, I have the trifecta so to speak. At my age, most men’s testosterone drops, but with my cancer surgeries I cannot make testosterone anymore and I have to administer cream now, but still feel my libido has diminished along with amounts of erections and hardness.

I researched on the internet various things that seemed like scams and came across Gainswave. The testimonies, a lot like this one really made me believe that the procedure could work. I was still skeptical when I wrote and called the Life Extension Institute in Palm Springs, which is the only place that actually has Gainswave in the whole Coachella Valley. I made an appointment and though still skeptical went and met with Dr. Monica Xu, who is a Naturopath. I was impressed with her knowledge of the human anatomy and very simple way she explains the procedure of Gainswave, which I knew a little about from watching some informative videos online.

I signed up for the procedure and with such a delicate subject to approach that can be embarrassing for men of all ages, I was amazed how professional and courteous the staff was and how they made you feel relaxed and at home. After my first session I must say that I felt that I might have more blood flow in that area and after six sessions, I definitely could tell a difference in my erections, sensitivity and my Peyronie’s disease dissipating. I now feel more confident in this area of my life, which is a huge stress relief and am very thankful for Dr. Xu, the Life Extension Institute and the amazing Gainswave procedure they administer.


S. F., Coachella Valley, CA

As a patient with high blood pressure and taking multiple medications, I was pleased that the GainsWave treatment was successful in improving my erections as well as my sexual performance and satisfaction. For patients with heart issues, I recommend GainsWave as a potential solution to their ED problems. Thank you.


Maryanne Gardner, Hong Kong

I had issues with missed and late periods (which later diagnosed as PCOS) ; Dr. Monica helped me by getting my period perfectly on track within 3 months from my first visit. She also made a clear picture of the short and long term goal in her approach to get my hacky hormones in balance. I believe she is not afraid to take different approaches to help any issues that may arise along the way and with patience, there will be a greater chance to see amazing results!

My experience with Dr. Monica has been a great one that I will never forget. Its unfortunate that I wouldn’t be able to visit her anymore since she’s moved, but I totally recommend her.
Thank you Dr. Monica! I will continue with the tinctures and supplements!


Camille, Hong Kong

I was feeling very unwell, Dr. Monica helped me by doing some tests and we found out what the problem was and how it was affecting me, I have a very bad bacteria in my intestines that I had no idea about, she got me on to numerous supplements and I’m finally starting to feel so much better, the one thing I liked was how caring she was even when I was emailing her out of work hours she took the time to email me back about concerns I had in how I was feeling etc I found the experience very good very helpful and I would recommend Monica to anyone who unsure with why they’re feeling well.


Linda, Hong Kong

I went to see MONICA XU in the summer of 2017. I had a terrible problem with my hair falling out.

Previously I had had a battery of tests by my doctor here in Hong Kong. It was discovered that I had very high arsenic levels. My doctor suggested I undertake chelation to remove this heavy metal. This regime would take 6-9 months. An alarming length of time when my hair was getting terribly thin.

I then went to see Dr. Monica here in Hong Kong. After due consideration, she suggested I seek out ‘far infrared sauna’ which would remove the heavy metals if taken regularly without the need for the chelation. And in a much shorter time frame.

As I had to go outside her practice to find this sauna – Monica kindly phoned the sauna business to confirm that this was the correct type of sauna. I have recently been tested and my 99.9 arsenic percentile has now reduced to 26.5 percentile – I feel wonderful and my hair loss has stopped completely and my hair is regrowing wonderfully.

Monica was so kind and understanding. She never tried to over-prescribe. She was knowledgeable and always professional.

I would thoroughly recommend MONICA XU to anyone seeking an extremely knowledgeable naturopath – who also cares and understands!


Bio-Identical Hormone Book Reviews


Interesting, I learned a lot recommend for everyone who want to keep their hormones like at 25 years age…


Manish Talreja

Super excellent book. Full knowledge of all hormones. The book is fantastic. Gives you a complete knowledge about all the hormones. Life was a mess. My hormones were upside down due to immense stress. Doctors gave me synthetic hormones. They gave me rage acne bloat and lot of aggression. I then shifted to BHRT. This book has everything you need to know about hormones vitamins and minerals.

Knowledge even which doctors don’t have. I was amazed .I have even put my friends and family on the treatments explained in this book. My results are super excellent and I feel so young, energetic lean muscular happy and very healthy. God bless the team and my doctor also who advised me to read this book.



A very good strategy for rejuvenation!



Thanks Dr. Chein. In this book you discussed the various scientists around the world who discovered which hormones  in our body lengthen the telomeres of our DNA, which was really helpful for us.



I felt a drastic change in body when I reached 60. My energy level went down and I was really frustrated because life wasn’t the same for me the way it used to be. Thanks to Dr. Edmund Chein’s total hormone supplementation/replacement therapy program. Now, I feel like 27 years younger than I was and am enjoying my life with more energy and confidence.


Living to 120 and Beyond Reviews

Neil Cox,  South Africa

I bought this ‘Living to 120 and beyond’ in E book format recently.

This is a serious book for individuals that are serious about longevity, lasting good health and a super strong and flexible body.

The theme of the book distinctly creates a framework for the methodology on how to systematically maintain a size able gap between chronological and biological age – thus reversing the ageing process, maintaining better health and increasing your life span.

Thus, the title ‘Living to 120 and Beyond’.

If you feel you still have a lot of life left in you and you are approaching middle age, then this book is a must read.

I personally will be following up soon with a comprehensive program of hormonal blood tests with Dr Chein and following through with his supplement recommendations.


Philomena Hood

Really, it’s amazing! This book is going to be huge as it not only shows the way to live 120 years, but also reveals the great discovery of an anti aging formula. I think it will be required reading for all. Before reading this book, I thought I would get bored. But, it didn’t happen. It’s a life changing guide for all of us. I would like to recommend this book to everyone.


The Super-Hormone Promise Reviews

Dr. William Regelson

Growth hormone results have been nothing short of amazing. It is the only hormone that can reverse all the parameters of aging.


Grow Young with HGH Reviews

Dr. Ronald Klatz

Dr. Chein was the first doctor in the US to openly offer growth hormone replacement.