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Frequently Asked Quesions

HGH stands for Human Growth Hormone. It is a very important hormone in activating the telomerase in our cells. The telomerase lengthens the telomeres of our DNA. Long telomeres in our DNA mean healthy cells, or long-living cells. Short telomeres in our DNA mean diseased cells, or short-living cells. The activity of telomerase in our cells is what makes the telomeres long or short.

The IGF-1 blood test (included in the full lab panel) will determine if HGH supplementation is needed.

The first step to starting our program is having a full panel of lab work run. The lab reports act as a foundation for the therapy program and gives the doctors a better understanding of exactly what hormones you may be deficient in. After the results are received by our office, we can proceed with scheduling the consultation appointment.

Lab Work-we will arrange through our office: $555.00

Consultation Fees-
Dr. Chein $1500.00

Average Cost for Maintenance of Oral Supplements and HGH varies depending on each patient’s specific needs. (Not all patients need HGH)

* The total hormone replacement therapy program is indefinite and requires ongoing maintenance for optimal results.

Consultations can be done either In Office or via Skype.

The telomerase molecule has hormone receptors. When the hormone molecules are adequate in number, the telomerase molecule gets the message that you are young, and it continues to repair the telomere portion of the DNA. When the hormone molecules are low in number, however, the telomerase protein molecule gets the message that you are old, and it slows down or stops the repair of the telomere portion of the DNA, which causes the cell to become aged and die.

Bio-identical hormones are identical to the ones in your body in terms of chemical structure and biological functions, and are the only kind which will activate telomerase. However, some physicians use €designer hormones, so called because they do not exist in nature. They are designed and created by a scientist or pharmaceutical company. These drugs €œact like hormones. They almost always cause harm or cancer when taken long term (with the exception, perhaps, of birth control pills). They have no place in maintaining youth or creating longevity.

It depends on whether one wants to cure an age-related disease or simply reverse biological age. Using this therapy to normalize elevated cholesterol, for example, will take 6 – 12 months. To open clogged coronary arteries, for example, takes 2 -3 years. For simple biological age reversal, it takes only 6 months.

Results usually can be seen clinically through laboratory tests, the age scan (which tests bodily functions) or the telomere length test in about 6 months, provided the patient has good health and no other diseases.

No. Health insurance has not covered this therapy yet because there is no diagnosis code or procedure code available for anti-aging and longevity therapy.
No. Any medication refills that are needed can be re-ordered by phone, email or fax and shipped to your specific location.