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Every cell in our bodies has a nucleus, and every nucleus has a strand of DNA. The DNA strand has a tail, and this tail region is called a telomere. The telomere is like the tip of a shoelace, and protects the shoelace. When the telomere is long, the cell is healthy and dividing and creating healthy cells.

As the telomere reaches the end of its life cycle and shortens, the cells it creates are unhealthy. It has been discovered that when the telomere is long, the cell is healthy. When the telomerase, that controls the length of the telomere, dissipates, the cell dies.

The Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2009 was awarded to a discovery that proved we have the ability to lengthen the telomere, and therefore extend the life of the cell, and its ability to divide and continue to produce healthy cells. How are the telomeres lengthened?

Through bio-identical hormones, which are customized for each patient to return his/her levels to those of him/her as a 20 year old an optimal level. With this treatment, your cells and body remains healthy and you successfully avoid age-related diseases. Longevity naturally and logically follows.