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The Truth Behind Why We Don’t Want to Live Longer – Functionality Part 2

This is part 2 of our interview with Dr Chein…you can see part 1 here

Why We Dont Want to Live Longer – Functionality Part 2

Dr Chein:       Don’t waste money and don’t waste time.

Jeff Harrison:       But right now the best way to do that is to say, “hey, I need to supplement my hormones. I need to supplement that.

Dr Chein:       Yes. When we do it, when I do it, doctors do it, we do it by identical — the real thing — I give it to you today, tomorrow, you go and test. Either I give you a fake product, or your blood check test changed.

Jeff Harrison:       Gotcha.

Dr Chein:       It’s that clear. Black and white.

Jeff Harrison:       Doctor Chein, today we really want to discuss that whole thing of — why only 20-30% of people really want to live longer and what are the 70-80% talking about? I think you have absolutely uncovered that missing component of why sometimes people refuse.

Like you said, in an audience, you might have a very small percentage at 20-30% of the people raise their hand, said “I want to live to 120.” It’s because they fear not functioning, like their parents or grandparents did and they don’t want to be in that same thing.

I feel the same way. I don’t want anybody to take care of me. I want to be able to, whether it’s swimming or golfing or whatever that is — done. Like that seagull you described.

Dr Chein:       Exactly.

Jeff Harrison:       Again, with this whole process, you do something in your place here in Palm Springs and it’s called a “functionality test.”

Dr Chein:       Yes.

Jeff Harrison:       With that, those people listening — can they come in and take that functionality test?

Dr Chein:       Absolutely. It’s free. It is free. You do not pay me a dime to do that. You just schedule an appointment and you come in and you do the test. It checks out for example, memory, vision, reaction time, hearing, auditory reaction time, visual reaction time. For example, old people get into auto accidents more.

Jeff Harrison:       Why?

Dr Chein:       Because they see the red light — if you sit right next to them, they see it same time you see it – but to put the foot on the brake it takes them longer to put the foot on the break, and — boom — they get into an accident.

Jeff Harrison:       They’re in the middle of the intersection.

Dr Chein:       Exactly. Visual reaction time is too slow.

Jeff Harrison:       OK.

Dr Chein:       So you can come to my office and do those tests; it’s totally free. The computer will generate your biological age and number. Don’t trust that number; don’t get upset by it. Don’t be happy with it, you know. Jeff, it’s a number. It just tells me or your that you are younger than your birth date on your birth certificate or you’re older than your age on a birth certificate. It gives you a sense of before something happens.

Before something happens, you already can know, “I’m not doing something well.”

Jeff Harrison:       This functionality test — they need to call the office. We’ll put the number on the screen. Then they just make an appointment. Just don’t randomly walk in the door.

Dr Chein:       Yes.

Jeff Harrison:       Because I know you’re very busy.

Dr Chein:       Yes. It’s being used all day long. Because it’s free. So you need to make an appointment. We only have one machine. So you just need to make an appointment.

It’s free; I guarantee it.

Jeff Harrison:       And you’ll give them the report?

Dr Chein:       The report. Absolutely.

Jeff Harrison:       — then discuss what’s going on there.

Dr Chein:       See instantly.

Jeff Harrison:       I’ve got to tell you — I did this whole process; it’s been about seven months. I started the program, I think seven months ago and it was very beneficial for me to take that functionality test but I did the full-blown one with the blood test and everything. It uncovered some things that were very startling to me and I feel very different today than I did seven months ago.

I have to give you the credit for that because I was doing all that — eating right, and the exercise and… But I found that I really needed to have that supplement, the extra supplements of the hormones to get those other levels back up where they should be.

Well, Doctor Chein, I want to thank you for taking the time to talk about this today. We’re going to talk about this a lot more, more things, like you said, in our next episode. But today, the whole thing was about — we want to live longer “only if…”

Dr Chein:       — we are functionally fit. And mentally, physically functionally fit. That’s the quality of life that we want until the last moment.

Jeff Harrison:       Excellent.

Well, Doctor Chein, thank you for joining us.

Thank you for joining us on “Living to 120 and Beyond.” I’m Jeff Harrison:.

Dr Chein:       I’m Doctor Edmund Chein.

Jeff Harrison:       We’ll see you next time.