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Your Optimum Health with Dr. Edmund Chein – Leaky Gut

Leaky Gut and how it can have devastating effects on your health and give the appearance of other issues. This is a show you do not want to miss as ‘leaky gut’ is effectig more and more people and being improperly diagnosed and treated.

Vibrotactile Sensitivity Test – A Telling Signal To Early Signs of Aging

Vibrotactile Sensitivity Test – A Telling Signal To Early Signs of Aging Jeff Harrison: Welcome back. Dr. Chein, you’re talking about it’s called, this next one is, vibrotactile sensitivity test. Dr. Chein: Test. Jeff Harrison: Test. I’m not going to say that again. Let’s call it the Vibrotactile Sensitivity Test Dr. Chein: Yes. Jeff Harrison: … Read more

Muscle Movement – What Does it Tell Us About Aging

Jeff Harrison: So in this case, Dr. Chen, we’re talking about another one. The last one we talked about visual reaction time. Now we’re talking about muscle movement time. Dr. Chein: Yeah. Not to confuse with muscle strength which we talked about earlier, dynamometer. Muscle movement is coordination. It involves the nerve now. Okay? The … Read more

Strength Test using Dynamometers

Dynamometers Jeff Harrison: Welcome back, I’m Jeff Harrison, to Living to 120 and Beyond. I’m here with … Dr. Chein: Doctor Edmund Chein. Jeff Harrison: Doctor Chein, we have been going down this road of about how important functionality is in the process of aging. While you pointed out three out of every ten people … Read more