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Atherosclerosis – CVD – Prevention Part 2

Atherosclerosis- CDV – Prevention Part 2   To Join Living to 120 & Beyond Weekly Videos Click Here Jeff Harrison: Again, we’re talking about the prevention of Atherosclerosis or CVD … Dr. Chein:  Yes, Prevention. Jeff Harrison: That we can talk through with our doctors help to prevent CVD. Dr. Chein: Absolutely. It’s a preventable … Read more

Atherosclerosis – Definition and Causes Living to 120 & Beyond

Jeff Harrison: Welcome to another episode of “Living to 120 Beyond”. I’m Jeff Harrison with … Dr. Chein: Dr. Edmund Chein. Jeff Harrison: Dr. Chein, welcome again. Dr. Chein: Thank you. Jeff Harrison: You know, we’re going to jump into another hot topic and it arteriosclerosis. I’m going to refer to my notes because it’s … Read more