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Muscle Movement – What Does it Tell Us About Aging

Jeff Harrison: So in this case, Dr. Chen, we’re talking about another one. The last one we talked about visual reaction time. Now we’re talking about muscle movement time. Dr. Chein: Yeah. Not to confuse with muscle strength which we talked about earlier, dynamometer. Muscle movement is coordination. It involves the nerve now. Okay? The … Read more

Strength Test using Dynamometers

Dynamometers Jeff Harrison: Welcome back, I’m Jeff Harrison, to Living to 120 and Beyond. I’m here with … Dr. Chein: Doctor Edmund Chein. Jeff Harrison: Doctor Chein, we have been going down this road of about how important functionality is in the process of aging. While you pointed out three out of every ten people … Read more

The Unknown Secret Behind the 5 Second Balance Test

 Welcome to Living to 120 and Beyond, I’m Jeff Harrison. I’m here with … Dr. Chein: Dr. Edmund Chein. The 5 second balance test Jeff Harrison: Now, Dr. Chein, we started a process of functionality being so important, and what we’re going to see now is a series of functionality tests that you do here … Read more

Fragility – Losing Functionality As We Age

  Fragility – Losing Functionality As We Age Jeff Harrison:       Welcome back to Living to 120 and Beyond. I’m Jeff Harrison, your host, along with — Dr Chein:       Dr. Edmund Chein Jeff Harrison:       Dr. Chein, in the last episode we talked about this whole thing about people wanting to live longer and shockingly enough, people … Read more

Why Doesn’t Everyone Want to Live Longer?

Why Do 0nly 20%–30% of People Want to Live Longer (Desire Longevity)? Because their perception of being old (around or beyond the life expectancies given by the CDC, or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) is associated with age-related diseases, loss of functions, and increased dependency (one person said, “I don’t want someone to wipe … Read more

Atherosclerosis – Curing CVD Part 1 Living to 120 and Beyond

To Join Living to 120 & Beyond Weekly Videos Click Here Jeff Harrison: Today I want to talk about treatment. Treatment, because that’s something that I know you are steadfast on. You’re not into controlling are you?   Dr. Chein: No.   Jeff Harrison: You’re into …   Dr. Chein: No. Treatment. Cure.   Jeff … Read more